“Those lobbyists are like locusts, to be honest with you. They are everywhere.”

Senator Jacquie Lambie


First, introduce yourself. 1-2 sentences to make your email personal and unique.

Second, open the conversation.
Ask about where your MP stands:

  • Do you support stronger laws to close the ‘revolving door’ where industry reps move in and out of the public service?

  • Do you support greater transparency of  meetings with lobbyists? Will you publish your meetings so we can at least see who you’re meeting with?

Remember, don’t just copy and paste! Personalising your letter can go a long way to encourage a more meaningful response.

Lastly, sign off – let your MP know you look forward to hearing from them.

Find out moreThey Vote For You is a great resource to find out how you are being represented.

If you select “Yes, send me updates” it will allow the team behind the documentary & The Australian Democracy Network – to get in touch. The Australian Democracy Network is a non-partisan national movement of civil society organisations working together to create a healthy democracy. They created the Our Democracy campaign which calls for a system that works for us, not just for the powerful few.