"Why do we accept a political system where the rich and powerful get special treatment?"

Christiaan Van Vuuren


Right now, no limits apply to spending on elections by political parties and campaigners. This means those with the deepest pockets can control what narrative voters hear.

But submissions are now open if you would like to contribute to a Parliamentary Inquiry about political donations.

Making a submission is an effective way to ensure election spending caps are on the new government’s reform agenda.

Everyone is invited to make a submission – you don’t need to be an expert!

Submissions can contain facts, opinions, and recommendations for action, and there’s no requirement that they come in any particular format.

Please take a few minutes to add some details to the email including:

  • 1-2 sentences introducing yourself
  • 1-2 sentences sharing why you care about this issue

  • Start by introducing yourself and why you care about a fair democracy enough to take the time to write to the committee.
  • Clearly identify the key issue you want to raise (reforms to the funding of elections) and why it concerns you. Eg “Thank you for reading my submission to the inquiry. I would like to support the idea of introducing caps on election spending”.
  • Draw on your own knowledge or experience of the issue.
  • You can refer to research and data if you like! There are some resources below, if you reference an online publication, please include full web addresses.
  • Be polite, respectful and clear. A member of the public service or committee members staff will be the first to read your submission and will exclude anything that features discriminatory content, foul or offensive language.

  • Submissions must address some or all of the terms of reference of the inquiry. Electoral spending is on the list! Please make reference to it.
  • Submissions should be unique and must be prepared specifically for the inquiry (eg. you can’t paste an article you’ve previously written, or copy and paste from somewhere else).
  • Submissions must include contact details for the person making them. Using our tool will include your email and address which is acceptable to the commission.
  • Submissions close on October 7

Starting a conversation with your MP, and being clear about what you are passionate about, is a great way to do your part for democracy.

We’ve created a guide to help you request a meeting, prepare for it, and follow up.

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Providing your email allows the Australian Democracy Network – to get in touch. The Australian Democracy Network is a non-partisan national movement of civil society organisations working together to create a healthy democracy. They created the Our Democracy campaign which calls for a system that works for us, not just for the powerful few.