“You can call it donations. You can call it participating in democracy. It’s pay to play.”

Sam Dastayari


First, introduce yourself. 1-2 sentences to make your email personal and unique.

Second, open the conversation.
Ask about where your MP stands:

  • Do you support putting a cap on political donations? How low would you go?
  • Do you support greater transparency of donations, including real-time reporting and a lower threshold for disclosure of donations?

Remember, don’t just copy and paste! Personalising your letter can go a long way to encourage a more meaningful response.

Lastly, sign off – let your MP know you look forward to hearing from them.

Find out moreThey Vote For You is a great resource to find out how you are being represented.

If you select “Yes, send me updates” it will allow the team behind the documentary & The Australian Democracy Network – to get in touch. The Australian Democracy Network is a non-partisan national movement of civil society organisations working together to create a healthy democracy. They created the Our Democracy campaign which calls for a system that works for us, not just for the powerful few.